Vladislav Sekulic

JSPS, SPDR, Research Scientist

RIKEN Center for Brain Science


Belgrade, Serbia


The brain functions at multiple scales of information processing from molecular/cellular to microcircuits, networks and, finally, emergent phenomena at the cognitive level. How this is accomplished is the goal of much of neuroscience work today. My research is focused on dissecting the operation of neural microcircuits composed of heterogeneous populations of excitatory and inhibitory neurons, with an emphasis on the well-studied but incompletely understood hippocampal region. During my PhD I studied cellular neurophysiology of hippocampal inhibitory interneurons in the hippocampal CA1 region using biophysically-based and experimentally-constrained computational models. In the McHugh lab, my direction has shifted to experimental investigations into how these inhibitory cells, so critical for specifying network function, help direct information flow supporting mnemonic processing in the hippocampus.


  • Ph.D in Physiology, 2018

    University of Toronto, Canada

  • MSc. in Physiology, 2013

    University of Toronto, Canada

  • Hon. BSc. in Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence, 2007

    University of Toronto, Canada